Rural Infrastructure Services Division
The Division contributes substantially towards poverty reduction by enhancing the living standards of the rural population through improved access and achievement of balanced and sustainable development of human settlements for the rural inhabitants. It aims to excel in the provision of safe and reliable trail access reducing walking time to avail basic services.

•Plan and provide safe and reliable access to rural communities.
•Ensure sustainability of the trail bridges.
•Maintain and record comprehensive information of trail bridges.
•Act as a resource centre for any trail bridge activities.
•Design of foundation and bank protection works.
•Conduct training on controlled blasting technique.
•Quality regulation of the galvanized bridge steel parts (the amount of zinc deposits on the steel).
•Procurement of pre-stretched galvanized steel wire ropes, construction tools and equipments.
•Provide technical support for the construction of temporary crossings using rope way/cable cars in times of disaster and emergency.
•Assist in designing crossings for water main for water supply project.
•Provide design, cost estimate, drawings and technical support for the construction of Power Tiller bridges.

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