Vision & Mission

A professional organization capable of planning and implementation of high quality, cost effective and sustainable infrastructure to ensure a balanced development of Human Settlement for the people of Bhutan.
To be a professional and leading government technical agency for infrastructure planning, designing and construction technology.

1.Promote research & development that would serve to maintain a synergy between technology, environment & traditional values.
2.Deliver consolidated cost effective infrastructure in all human settlements.
3.Reduce flood risk, thereby minimizing the impacts of floods on human safety, health & welfare.
4.Enhance accessibility to rural communities through the provisions of improved rural access infrastructures.
5.Manage Human Resource Development for all stakeholders of the Engineering Sectors.
6.Provide Technical backstopping to the central agencies, Thromdes, Dzongkhags & Gewogs.

1.Enforcement of construction standards & quality assurance plans.
2.Provision of safe drinking water & clean sanitation to citizens of Bhutan.
3.Provision of Architectural designs, landscape designs, structural designs, electrical & plumbing designs.
4.Implementation of integrated Solid Waste Management Strategies.
5.Implementation of flood mitigation measures both structural & non-structural measures.
6.Construction technology application and development.
7.Provision of rural access infrastructure such as footbridges & mule tracks.
8.Disaster risk prevention and mitigation measures.
9.Enforcement of development control regulations.
10.Coordination of donor aided projects for infrastructure.
11.Parenting of Dzongkhag engineering sector.

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