Compliance and Development Review Division
The implementation of the development plans has been an issue primarily due to the lack of institutionalized follow-up mechanisms. Compliance and Development Review Division will take the lead role in overseeing the implementation of the approved human settlement plans. There will be a periodic compliance audit and review of developments for plans as deemed necessary and identified by the Department. Based on the findings of the audit and reviews, reports will be published indicating the extent of deviation (if any), the likely impact on the visions, goals and objectives due to non-conformity to the plans and the reasons for the deviations. Development trends will be also studied and findings will be shared with the other divisions for necessary actions. The Division will also review the planning aspects of development applications and provide refresher courses to municipal officials.


i. Carry out compliance audit of development plans
ii. Review development control regulations
iii. Assess development applications and proposals
iv. Compile information on urban and rural development trends and status
v. Provide refresher courses to municipal staff
vi. Create public awareness on development initiative and DCRs

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