Vision & Mission

An integrated and sustainable living environment that enables continued enhancement of our values and provides opportunities for positive socio-economic development.

Promote safe, secure, responsible and responsive human settlements through preparation of planning strategies and physical development plans that are consistent with the national development polices.

i. Promote a regionally balanced and coordinated development.
ii. Facilitate development in an environmentally and culturally sustainable manner.
iii. Facilitate a pattern of development that is appropriate for a given topography and setting.
iv. Facilitate provision of infrastructure necessary for efficient development.
v. Ensure efficient and rational utilization of the resources including land.
vi. Promote a development typology that minimizes the scaring of the landforms.
vii. Promote a development model that preserves the essence of the architecture and the traditional settlements of Bhutan.
viii. Promote settlements that are responsive in terms of disaster and risk management.

i. Prepare human settlement policies and strategies.
ii. Carry out research, studies and analyses to identify potential growth centers and draft proposals for development.
iii. Co-ordinate preparation of national spatial plan, regional plans and land use plans.
iv. Prepare physical and infrastructure development plans and local area plans along with the development control regulations
v. Draft legislation, regulations, guidelines and standards related to human settlement.
vi. Assess development applications for compliance with the approved development plans and/ or relevant development objectives.
vii. Carry out planning audit and review of development plans and the DCRs.
viii. Carry out detailed topographic survey of specific areas/ regions for preparation of settlement development plans.
ix. Carry out GIS analyses and build GIS database to support preparation of development plans and management of settlement areas.
x. Provide technical backstopping to the local governments on human settlement issues.

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