Construction Division

This division is mandated to

  1. Execute the planned road construction activities as per detailed designs and specifications;
  2. Formulate project management teams for different projects;
  3. Support regional offices and projects in the implementation of road works;
  4. Prepare and review bidding documents for road works;
  5. Oversee the overall contract and project management;
  6. Monitor occupational safety;
  7. Monitor quality of road construction works;
  8. Provide technical support during execution of road works;
  9. Procure road construction supervision consultancy services;
  10. Monitor the implementation of planned works on regular basis;
  11. Report and provide feedbacks on the shortcomings on execution of work plans;
  12. Process for clearances for new constructions from relevant agencies;
  13. Coordinate and support for acquisition of land and private properties in consultation with relevant agencies.
  14. Process for construction related compensation issues.
  15. Carryout field lab test related to road construction.
  16. Plan, coordinate & impart training on project management.
  17. Plan and process budget for road construction and improvement activities.
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